Create a Voxler Gridder lattice using the Nearest Neighbor method

KB no longer maintained - Voxler is a retired product. Golden Software retired products are still supported, but no longer receive new features or updates. Many of Voxler's features are moving to Surfer . Please contact with any questions.

Yes, it is possible to grid using the Nearest Neighbor method in Voxler. While it is not one of the gridding methods built in, we can easily change some settings to create the same effect as Neighest Neighbor. To do this, we will change the Power to 0 which causes all distances to be treated the same, since n^0 = 1 where n is any number. We will also set the Search Max Count to 1 which will cause the Gridder to use only the closest data point.

Please see the steps below:

  1. Select the Gridder module in the Network Manager.
  2. Click the General tab and set the Method to Inverse distance.
  3. Set the Power to 0.
  4. Click the Search tab.
  5. Change the Search type to Simple.
  6. Set the Min Count and Max Count to 1.
  7. Click the General tab.
  8. Click the Begin Gridding button to see the new outcome. When finished, the light will turn from yellow to green.


Updated September 14, 2018

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