How do I create an Isosurface in Voxler with different colors above and below a GRD surface?

The color of an Isosurface is controlled solely by its value.  One method to produce different colors is to use two Isosurfaces and a Math module to modify the value of the Isosurface lattice based on the Z value in the GRD file of the geologic surface. 


If the lattice controlling the Isosurface is input "A" and the GRD of the geologic surface is input "B", then the following equations change the value of the lattice to the negative value based on the geologic surface GRD.


IF Z > B, A, -A  Or Z > B? A:-A


The graphic below illustrates a Network window with a Gridder output lattice and a GRD file.  Isosurface 1 (output disabled) is the output from the Gridder without modification, and  Isosurface 2 (blue) and Isosurface 3 (orange) display the output from the Math module.  The HeightField (gray) displays the output from the GRD file without modification.


Updated September 20, 2018

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