When I attach Voxler HeightField to a DEM or GRD file, how do I set the Scale so that the HeightField matches the Z axis?

When a user imports a DEM or GRD file as a Curvilinear lattice and attaches a HeightField, the HeightField is in the correct location. If the DEM or GRD is imported as a uniform lattice, the Z axis is imported at Z = 0.


In Voxler 1 and 2, use the following equation to calculate the HeightField Scale:


Scale = (DataMax - DataMin) / (0.5 * sqrt((xMax-xMin)^2 + (yMax-yMin)^2))


To adjust for the offset of the DataMin value, insert a Transform module between the Gridder output and the HeightField input and offset the Z axis by the DataMin value.


Terminology note: DataMax and DataMin are referring to Zmax and Zmin

See attached Excel file for an example of the equation.

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