Resolve display of BoundingBox and ScatterPlot as a straight line when data file is imported in Voxler

KB no longer maintained - Voxler is a retired product. Golden Software retired products are still supported, but no longer receive new features or updates. Many of Voxler's features are moving to Surfer . Please contact with any questions.
Voxler uses an X:Y:Z scale of 1:1:1. The straight line indicates that the extent of one direction is much larger than the other directions.


  1. In the Network Manager, right click on the data source module and click General Modules | Info.
  2. Select the Info module and click on the Geometry tab in the Property Manager.
  3. View the XYZ limits.
  4. Right click on the data source module and click Computational | Transform.
  5. Click on the output arrow on the right side of the Transform module, click Connect Output Geometry, and click on the input arrow on the left side of your graphics output module.
  6. In the Network Manager, select the Transform module.
  7. In the Property Manager, click the Transform tab, and set the Scale of the X, Y, and Z directions to fit your needs.


Change the Z Scale to change the
size of the Bounding Box and ScatterPlot.


Updated August 15, 2018



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