Is there a way to display a lattice or grid in Voxler?

A Voxler Lattice is a regularly-spaced, 3-dimentional array of nodes, each with its own component value in addition to its xyz spatial coordinates. This array can be thought of as a stack of planes with either transverse (xy), coronal (xz), or sagittal (yz) orientation. These oreintations can have other names dependant on the scientific discipline involved.

Voxler can display any of the data values of any of these panes by attaching an Info module to the Gridder module that defines the lattice. The Info module can be created by right clicking on the Gridder in the Network Window and, under the General Modules menu, selecting Info. After selecting the Info module, click the View Data button in the Properties Manager. This opens the Lattice View dialog.


The Lattice View dialog will then display the component value for each node along the first xy plane. You can then change the orientation of the plane, the index of the plane along that orientation, and the data value that is being displayed for each node. For information about using the Lattice View dialog press F1 while the dialog is active.


To visually represent the Gridder lattice attach a ScatterPlot module to the Gridder module. In the corresponding Properties Manager you will be able to adjust the size or frequency of the scatter plot nodes to make the internal structure of the lattice more apparent.


Updated October 10, 2016

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