Norton SONAR removes the Voxler executable file as a security threat! I can't install or run the software now. What is going on?

Norton AntiVirus, 360, Internet Security and other Norton products may remove and quarantine older versions of Voxler as threats. Once this happens, they will no longer run. Our software does not contain viruses or other security threats. We have worked with Norton so that they discontinue flagging our software as a potential security threat. Current versions do not have this issue.

If you are installing an older version and encounter this problem, you can disable Norton, run the installation from the CD, and then re-enable Norton after the CD installation.


Once the software is installed (or if you install the software directly from the EXE file), the first or second time you open the program, Norton might also quarantine the application EXE file (i.e. Voxler.exe), preventing it from being used. You will need to restore the application EXE file from quarantine and then you can open and use the software.

Using Norton Security, you can restore the application EXE file from quarantine by:

  1. Open Norton.
  2. Under the Computer section, click on the Quarantine link.
  3. In the Security History dialog, select where it says voxler.exe was quarantined, then click the blue Options link in the upper right of the dialog.
  4. Click on Restore this file.
  5. Click Yes to restore the file.
  6. Close Norton and run the software.


If you are using Norton 360, a customer recommends doing this:

  1. Open Norton 360 by right clicking at the bottom right Norton icon.
  2. In the center top of the page, click Tasks.
  3. In the left column, click View Security History.
  4. Identify and click on the quarantined Voxler.exe file.
  5. Click on the Recommended Action box of options.
  6. Click Yes to restore the Voxler.exe program to its original location.
  7. Click Close.
  8. Restart the computer.


To help improve this for the future, we ask that you please report this false positive to Symantec (Norton). To do this, you can use Norton’s built in Submit to Symantec feature. In most Norton products, this is done automatically by default. If you have turned the automatic submission off, you can submit this to Symantec manually by:

  1. Enter quarantine view.
  2. Select the item (Voxler.exe).
  3. Click on More Details.
  4. Choose Submit to Symantec.


Updated July 16, 2018

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