Why is the File | Template | Save command grayed out in Strater 1?

In Strater 1, you have to be in Design Mode to save a borehole design as a template. 

There are a couple ways to switch to Design Mode. You can:

  • Click Tools | Design Mode
  • Press the F4 key
  • Click the Design Mode button on the Borehole Design toolbar


To make sure you are in Design Mode, click View | Borehole View Properties and check the View Mode in the Property Inspector.

Refer to this knowledge base article about Strater templates for additional information: Strater 1 Template Files Display Well Log Data.

In Strater 2 and later, you do not have to be in Design Mode to save a template. Simply click File | Save As and save your borehole view as template file.


Updated: June 28, 2016

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