My Strater log data goes from 0 to 23 feet, but I only see 0 to 15 feet in the borehole view. Where is the rest of my log?

Strater can create multi-page logs. Depending on the scale and the page length, your log may not fit on one page.


To see the log on the additional pages, click Home | Display | Next Page ().


If you want your entire log to fit on one page, click View | Display | View Properties and check the box in the Property Manager next to Auto-recalculate scale. Alternatively, you can uncheck this box and set the Scaling Depth Per Inch to a value that fits the entire log on one page.


If you want to see your entire log on the screen, but don't mind that it prints on multiple pages, click View | Display | View Properties and set the Log display mode in the Property Manager to Full View. That will show the entire log on the screen without page breaks.


Updated: April 30, 2018

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