Create a basic lithology log in Strater

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To create a simple lithology log, at minimum, you need the following 4 columns of data:
  1. Hole ID
  2. From (the start of each interval or lithologic unit)
  3. To (the end of each interval)
  4. Lithology Keyword (such as Granite or Mudstone).


You can enter this data directly into Strater in a Lithology or Interval table, or you can save this data in an external data file (like we have done in this example) for opening/importing into Strater.


From this data, you can create a lithology log using these steps:

  1. Click Log | Create Log | Lithology.
  2. Click in the log pane where you want the log to be placed.
  3. In the Open dialog, either select an interval table from the Use Open Table list, or navigate to your data file, and click the Open button.
  4. If you selected a data file, the next few dialogs walk you through the data import process.
    1. If your data file contains multiple sheets, in the XLS Import Options dialog, select the desired sheet and click OK.
    2. In the Specify Worksheet Column Definitions dialog, check the box next to Specify Column Header Row if you have a column header, and set the starting and ending rows of data if you do not want to use all the data in the worksheet. Click Next.
    3. In the Specify Data Type and Column Positions dialog, Lithology will be automatically selected as the data type. Specify which columns in your data file are Hole ID, From, To, and Lithology Keyword. Set the other fields to [Unspecified] if you don't have an equivalent in your data file, and click Finish.
  5. The log is created.


If you wish to edit the line or fill properties for the log, first select the log. On the Log page in the Property Manager, set the Lithology scheme to the correct scheme. You can click the ellipses (...) button to the right of the Lithology scheme to open the Scheme Editor, or you can click Home | Display | Scheme Editor. Expand the lithology keyword scheme for the log and make any changes you want to the line and fill properties for each item in the scheme. Click OK in the Scheme Editor and the changes are applied.


If Strater created a lithology keyword scheme, but for the wrong data column, you can go back to the data table and create a scheme based off your lithology keyword by right clicking over the keyword column in the data table and clicking to Create Scheme. Then you can update the data column and scheme for the lithology log in the borehole view.


Updated: April 2, 2018

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