How can I display Strater logs for multiple wells in one Borehole View?

Strater can display logs for multiple wells in one borehole view.  Simply create the logs, select each log and in the Property Manager, on the Log tab, set the Hole ID filter for each log to whatever well you want that log to display. For example, please see the attached old newsletter article Displaying Logs for Multiple Boreholes in Strater 2.


Strater 1 can only display logs for one borehole at a time in the borehole view. However, if all the borehole data you have has roughly the same depth/scaling, there is a way to work around this. The trick to displaying data for more than one borehole is to use the same Hole ID for all the borehole data (even if they are different holes).


To do so, set the Hole ID for all boreholes in your data file(s) to the same name. If the data for each borehole is on a separate XLS sheet or a different worksheet, this is easy to keep track of. If all the data for all boreholes are in the same sheet, make sure you know where the data for each borehole starts/ends. Then import the data for each of the boreholes into Strater as separate data tables. Keep track of which borehole data goes with which data table by renaming the data table to the real well name/ID. Now that all the data in the database view has the same Hole ID, Strater thinks the data is for only one borehole and allows you to plot a log based on any of the data tables.

See the attached old newsletter article Plotting Strater 1 Logs for Multiple Boreholes in one Borehole View for more detailed steps.


Updated: October 4, 2016

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