Strater logs disappear or aren't shown when data is present

The most common cause of logs disappearing when you import more data, or logs not showing up when you know there is data imported into the data table(s), is different Hole IDs in the tables. All the Hole IDs in Strater have to be the same in all tables for all the logs to appear on the screen. Common mistakes include:


  1. A space or multiple spaces after the name (GS-1 vs. GS-1  )
  2. A capitalization error (Gs-1 vs. GS-1)
  3. A minor typo (GS-1 vs. GG-1)
  4. A minor formatting issue (GS-1 vs. GS 1 or GS_1)


Alternatively, if you replace the data in your data tables with data for a new Hole ID, you will need to update the Hole ID filter in the Property Manager for either the log or the borehole view in order to see the data for the new well displayed in the log(s).


Updated: July 14, 2016

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