How can I change the fill properties for a Strater Well Construction Log?

You can change the colors/fill patterns of the various components of the well construction log in the Scheme Editor.
  1. Click Home | Display | Scheme Editor.
  2. In the Well Construction folder, click the + next to your scheme to expand it.
  3. Select a scheme item and change the properties for that item on the right side of the dialog.
  4. When all of the changes are made, click OK.


Once you edit the well construction scheme to have all the fill properties you want, you can save it to an SCH file using the Save Scheme button (), and reuse it with future projects. In a future project, just open the SCH file back into the Scheme Editor using the Open Scheme button () and select to use this scheme in the well construction log properties.


For more information about creating well construction logs, please see our knowledge base article: How To Create a Well Construction Log in Strater


Updated January 3, 2019

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