How can I get a Strater linked text object to link to a data table that not listed in the Linked Text Table drop down menu?

If you want to create a linked text object and set the Linked Text Type to Column, the text you wish to link must be in a text item, collars, or project settings table. If your text is in an interval or depth table, it will not be available for the linked text object.


You can check which table type a table is by navigating to that table and clicking Table | Table | Browser. The Table Browser dialog will show the table name and type for all tables in the project.

Follow the steps below to create a linked text object connected to table column data.

  1. Click the Draw | Shape | Linked Text command.
  2. Click in the Viewer window where you would like the linked text to be placed.
  3. Press ESC to exit drawing mode.
  4. Click the Linked Text object to select it.
  5. In the Property Manager, click the current value in the Linked text type field and select Column.
  6. Click the current value if the Linked text table field and select the desired table.
  7. Click the current value in the Data column field and select the column containing the desired data.
  8. If a Collars or Text Item table was selected in step 6, click the current value in the Hole ID filter field and select the desired hole ID.


Updated: January 4, 2019

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