Can I change the fill properties for a Strater line log at a specified cutoff value?

Yes, Strater allows you to automatically fill a line log differently on either side of a specified cutoff or threshold value. To do this:
  1. Create a line log from your data.
  2. Select the line log and in the Property Manager, click on the Fill tab.
  3. Set the Active variable to the curve you wish to fill.
  4. Expand the Log | Cutoff Fill section.
  5. Set the Cutoff value.
  6. Set Display cutoff fill to Left or Right, depending on whether you want to fill to the left or right of the curve.
  7. Set a Style in the Fill Properties section. This will be the fill style applied from the cutoff value to the edge of the well track.
  8. Expand the Log Fill section and set Fill log on to the same side you set Display cutoff fill to in step 6.
  9. Expand the Fill Properties section and set the Style. This will be the fill style applied from the curve to the cutoff value.


For more details, please also see the attached old newsletter article Utilizing the Line/Symbol Log Enhancements in Strater 2.


Strater 1 does not have a way to automatically fill or color a line log differently before or after a specified cutoff or threshold value. However, you could create two line logs to create the same effect. To do this:

  1. Create the two line logs using the same data set (set the same Curve Table and Data Field in the Property Inspector).
  2. Select each of the logs in turn in the Object Manager, in the Property Inspector set the Scaling to User Defined, and then set Minimum Value and Maximum Value and the desired Display Properties for the selected log. For example, select the first log and set the Minimum Value to 0, the Maximum Value of 300, and select a blue fill color with a pattern. For the second log, set the Minimum Value to 300, the Maximum Value of 600, and select a red fill color.
  3. Select both logs and use the Arrange | Space Objects (either Right to Left or Left to Right, depending on how they are laid out) to align the logs together.
  4. You can select both logs and then change the width of the logs to what you want by simply clicking and dragging the selection box.
  5. You probably want to delete one of the log titles from one of the scale bars.


Updated: October 4, 2016

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