Display both the elevation and the depth as depth logs in Strater

Strater is a retired.
Strater is officially retired, but you can still purchase additional licenses. Strater is sold as-is and will not receive updates, fixes, or new features.
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Yes, you can have both elevation and depth displayed at the same time.


After displaying a depth log containing depth values, and typing your elevation values into the Elevation column of the collars table, you can follow these steps to add another depth log displaying elevation values:

  1. Click Log | Create Log | Depth to create a new depth log.
  2. Select the new depth log.
  3. In the Property Manager, click on the Log tab.
  4. Set the Orientation in the Data section to Elevation.


The Well Construction-1.sdg sample file shows an example of depth and elevation displayed side-by-side.

Updated August 15, 2018

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