My collars are in lat/long, and so is my wells map. I tried to add a base map in UTM, but they did not align correctly in Strater.

The maps in Strater 4 and 5 do support coordinate systems. To make sure that your maps overlay properly in Strater 5:


  1. Create your map view with the Home | New | Map View command.
  2. Create your well map with the Map | Create | Well Map command.
  3. Click on the Wells 1 object in the Object Manager.
  4. In the Coordinate System tab of the Property Manager click the Set button.
  5. Navigate to Predefined | Geographic (lat/lon) | <desired datum> and click OK.
  6. Now click Map | Add | Base Layer.
  7. Select your base map file and click Open. As long as your file is georeferenced, the coordinate system should be associated with it in Strater. If your file isn't georeferenced, you can set the source coordinate system in the same way you did for the wells layer.
  8. If the two layers are in different coordinate systems, click on Map 1 in the Object Manager.
  9. In the Limits tab of the Property Manager click the Change button.
  10. Navigate to the system you want your map in and click OK.


Now both of your map layers should overlay properly in your target coordinate system.


Updated: October 4, 2016

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