Set the width and height of an exported bitmap (TIF, BMP, PCX, JPG) via Surfer automation

The Export2 command in Surfer Scripter does not display the Export Options dialog.  Therefore, an options string must be used to set export options via automation. The string consists of comma-separated parameters, which specify the behavior of the various export options. A typical example when exporting an image would be:


Plot.Export2(FileName:= SurferApp.Path+"\Samples\demogrid.tif", Options:="Width=717, Height=949, KeepAspect=0”)


This would set all export the image width to 717 pixels, the image height to 949 pixels and to not keep the aspect ratio.


All the available options for exporting images are listed in the Help on the Image (Bitmap) Export Automation Options page.


Updated December 2021

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