Can I run an old script in Surfer Scripter?

You should not run into any problems running a script written in Surfer 7 (or higher) in the current version of Surfer, as long as it was written in the Surfer 7 automation language.


If the script was written in Surfer 6 automation language, then it would work in Surfer 7 but not in newer versions of Surfer. Surfer 7 supported both the older Surfer 6 automation model and the newer Surfer 7 automation model. The Surfer 6 automation model was dropped in Surfer 8. You can tell if it is a Surfer 6 or a Surfer 7 script by the way Surfer is started (Surfer.App or Surfer.Application).


Surfer 6

Set SurferApp = CreateObject("Surfer.App") 


Surfer 7

Set SurferApp = CreateObject("Surfer.Application") 


If the script is written in the Surfer 6 automation model, it will need to be rewritten in the newer automation model to work in Surfer 8+.


Updated November 2, 2018


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