How can I change the contour label properties via Surfer automation?

To change the contour label properties, use the LabelFont property of the ContourMap object. For more options, please see the ContourLayer Object page in the Help.

For example:

ContourLayer.LabelTolerance = 8
ContourLayer.LabelLabelDist = 0.5
ContourLayer.LabelEdgeDist = 0.75
ContourLayer.LabelFormat.NumDigits = 2
ContourLayer.OrientLabelsUphill = True
ContourLayer.LabelFont.Face = "Arial"
ContourLayer.LabelFont.Size = 8


See also the attached script ContourMap.bas, which can also be found in the \Samples\Scripts\ folder in the Surfer installation directory.


Updated October 9, 2017

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