Add multiple lines of text to a text string via Surfer automation

To create a multi-line text string you'll need to insert a new line in the desired string. To add a new line to a text string, include vbCrLf in the string as shown below.


Plot.Shapes.AddText("line1" & vbCrLf & "line2") 


The vbCrLf constant consists of a carriage return Chr(13) and a line feed Chr(10). For more information about Visual Basic string constants, refer to the BASIC Language Help accessed from the Scripter Help menu. 


Sub Main
    Dim SurferApp, Plot, Text, FontFormat As Object
    Set SurferApp = CreateObject("Surfer.Application")
    Set Plot = SurferApp.Documents.Add
    Set Text = Plot.Shapes.AddText(5,7, "This is my text"& vbCrLf & "This is my text on the second line")
    Set FontFormat = Text.Font
    FontFormat.HAlign = srfTACenter
End Sub



Updated November 2021

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