Gridding on the Go: Managing Field Data with Surfer (webinar)


Before you head out to the field watch this webinar to learn tips and tricks you can apply now to make your life easier when it’s time to start mapping. Learn how to set up your Surfer license so it can be used away from your desk and on-site.

Once up and running offline you can apply our data best practices for a smooth gridding process and gain insight on gridding and data preview methods to get the best final gridding output.


This webinar covers:

  • How to use Surfer without an internet connection
  • Data best practices for a smooth gridding process
  • Recommended gridding methods based on data type
  • Ways to preview incoming field data

The data used in this webinar is proprietary and not available for download. You can follow this link: Gridding on the Go Materials to download the project template and grid data comparison script demonstrated. 

To apply these workflows to your own field data collection download the free trial of Surfer today.


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