Terrain Analysis with Surfer (webinar)

Surfer can create stunning maps to visualize terrain data. Download the data and take these visualizations even further with Surfer’s Viewshed, Watershed, and Peaks and Depressions map layers. These hydrologic based map types are useful for those working in water resources and geohazard identification, especially the Peaks and Depressions map which is a brand new feature in Surfer Beta.

Watch this webinar and see how quickly you can evaluate your terrain data for important karst morphology, fracture zones, lineaments and ridgelines, water drainage, basin areas, and viewshed areas and more using these three map types!

Specifically, this webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Converting a grid from elevation values to slope - 2:25
  • Watershed maps - 3:44
  • Download online base maps - 9:00
  • Viewshed maps - 15:11
  • Viewing a map in 3D View - 20:13
  • Peaks and Depressions maps (new in Surfer Beta!) - 29:47
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