Use Data Filter to Clip Box Plot Limits in Grapher

The data filter makes it possible to exclude or include specific criteria from your data without removing these data from your file. You can use the data filter with Box Plots in Grapher. 


  1. In the Object Manager, select the Box Plot. 
  2. In the Property Manager, click the Data Limits tab. 
  3. Click Set in the Criteria Filter section. 
  4. Delete the existing values in the Clipping section and replace with desired values. Learn more about Clipping in Grapher's Help
  5. Fill out the Exclude data or Include data fields for your desired results and click OK. 


Removing data from a Box Plot using Data Filter may affect the statistical shape or distribution of that box, depending on the chosen settings for Box Edges and Whiskers.

Learn more in Grapher's Help.



Updated May 2023

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