Ternary Plots: Use Clipping and Data Filter in Grapher

Use clipping to clip a value or range of values. You can also use clipping to include or exclude specific column criteria in the Data Filter. This is especially helpful in filtering data by well ID or removing null values.



Data filter for a Ternary Plot. Data filter is open to Exclude a Range of values using Null Criteria


To use Clipping and/or Data Filter:

  1. Select the plot you'd like to filter (Anion or Cation) in the Object Manager. 
  2. In the Property Manager, click the Data Limits tab. 
  3. Delete the existing values in the Clipping section and replace with desired values. Learn more about Clipping in Grapher's Help
  4. In the Criteria Filter section, click Set. Fill out the dialog to Exclude or Include the desired values. Learn more about Grapher’s data filter.



  • Clipping and the Criteria filter are applied to raw data values in the associated data file for the Ternary plot, not on auto-normalized data values.

  • For Piper plots, the coordinates of the Cation and Anion plots determine the diamond plot's symbol location, so clipping and the data filter are unavailable. This also applies to Durov plots, the Square, PH and TDS plots


Updated May 2023

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