Create Interactive 3D Site Models with Surfer (webinar)


With the release of Surfer 25, 3D gridding in Surfer is here! XYZC data you gather from environmental site investigations can now be interpolated and visualized as a 3D conceptual site model with Surfer. Accurately show the extent of subsurface contamination in the 3D view, and ultimately provide stakeholders with a final output that impresses them and help you make your final remediation recommendations.

CLICK HERE to download the data and follow along with the webinar at your own pace. 


This webinar will covers how to:

  • Interpolate XYZC data to create a 3d grid
  • Transform your 3d grid into a grid based map 
  • View slices of a 3d grid in the 2d plot view
  • Visualize the 3d grid in the 3d view as a volume render, contours, and isosurfaces
  • Combine map types to create a cohesive final report figure
  • Export to 3D PDF and deliver a final output that impresses stakeholders


The features demonstrated in this webinar are only available in Surfer 25+. If you do not have a version of Surfer higher than 25, download the Surfer Free Trial

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