3D Voxler Features Now in Surfer

Surfer offers much of the 3D functionality that Voxler had and more! In addition to 3d gridding, volume rendering, and drillhole modeling, Surfer offers 3D digitizing, assigning NoData to 3D grids, and several additional features that were on the Voxler wish list!


Surfer v. Voxler Feature Comparison Matrix

The feature matrix below details the 3D features available in Surfer and Voxler.  

*This feature matrix excludes all of Surfer's 2D gridding, analysis, and mapping features.

3D Graphics Output Features

Feature Voxler Surfer
Annotation :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Axes :check_mark:
Bounding Box :check_mark:
:check_mark: In Beta
ClipPlane :check_mark:
Color scale :check_mark:
Contours :check_mark:
Coming Soon!
FaceRender (Block Render) :check_mark:
:check_mark: In Beta
Fly-Through :cross_mark: :check_mark:
HeightField :check_mark:
Isosurface :check_mark:
ObliqueImage (Image Slice) :check_mark:
OrthoImage (Image Slice) :check_mark:
ScatterPlot :check_mark:
StreamLines :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Text :check_mark: :cross_mark:
VectorPlot :check_mark: :cross_mark:
VolRender (Volume Render) :check_mark:
Walk :cross_mark: :check_mark:
WellRender (Drillhole) :check_mark:


Data Source Features

Feature Voxler Surfer
WellData :check_mark: :check_mark:
FunctionLattice :check_mark: :cross_mark:
TestLattice :check_mark: :cross_mark:


Computational features

Feature Voxler Surfer
Assign NoData :cross_mark: :check_mark:
Digitize 3D :cross_mark: :check_mark:
DuplicateFilter :check_mark: :check_mark:
ExclusionFilter :check_mark: :check_mark:
ExtractPoints :check_mark: :check_mark:
Filter :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Gradient :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Gridder (XYZC Gridding) :check_mark: :check_mark:
Math :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Merge :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Resample :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Slice :check_mark: :check_mark:
Subset :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Transform :check_mark: :cross_mark:


View features

Feature Voxler Surfer
Headlight :check_mark: :check_mark:
World Axis Triad :check_mark: :check_mark: In Beta
Defined Views :check_mark: :check_mark: In Beta
Projection :check_mark: :check_mark: In Beta
Still Drawing Style :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Transparency Type :check_mark: :check_mark: N/A - Fixed!
Home :check_mark: :check_mark:
Set Home :check_mark: :check_mark:
Camera Properties :check_mark: :check_mark:


General features

Feature Voxler Surfer
Automation :check_mark: Limited
Capture Video :check_mark: :cross_mark:
Export 3D Gridder only :check_mark:
Export Image :check_mark: :check_mark:


If you have any additional questions regarding these features, feel free to reach out to our technical support team at support@goldensoftware.com!



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