Surfer New Feature: Create a 2D Map from a 3D Grid

Immediately see how a map changes with depth/elevation through a 3D grid. Create a 2D map of a slice through the 3D grid, and use a slider to move the slice up and down through the 3D grid. The map updates immediately as you move the slider. For example, create a contour map of a 3D grid of GPR data, move the slider and see how the GPR data (and the contours) change through the grid file with depth.


A 3D grid can be created either by gridding XYZC data in Surfer or in another software package. Supported 3D grid formats include VTK and HDF.


To start utilizing the Z slice slider in Surfer today, download the Surfer Free Trial. If you'd like to view more of the new features in the latest release of Surfer, visit the Surfer New Feature Video Series page.

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