Align or Distribute objects to the Page margins in Grapher

Easily arrange your plots, text, and shapes on the page by using the  Align to Margins and Distribute in Margins commands. Use these tools to help you center objects on the page, assist with creating evenly spaced matrix layouts, and to prepare your plots for publication.


Distribute in margins

This feature requires two or more objects to be selected. 

  1. Click Layout | Distribute | Distribute in Margins to toggle the feature on
  2. Select two or more objects
  3. Click Layout | Distribute | Distribute Horizontally or Layout | Distribute | Distribute Vertically.
  4. The objects are now evenly distributed across the page in a horizontal or vertical direction

Align to margins

This feature can be used with one or more selected objects.

  1. Click Layout | Align | Align to Margins to toggle the feature on
  2. Select one or more objects.
  3. Click one of the directional Align commands. 
  4. The selected object(s) are aligned to the specified direction on the page
  5. To center one or more objects on the page, click Layout | Align | Center and Layout | Align | Middle with Align to Margins toggled on



Updated May 2023

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