Bring Your Data to Life with Google Earth and Surfer

Presenting professional, high quality maps to your audience can be nearly impossible without the right base map to visualize your data. Watch this webinar to learn the various ways you can export data from Google Earth for your base maps and leverage it within Surfer. From exporting aerial imagery so it can be georeferenced and layered with multiple map types; to transforming KML data into XYZ points ready for gridding in Surfer. This webinar will teach you more way than one to create engaging, presentation ready maps.

We know your project doesn't always end with Surfer; this webinar will also cover several export options to display your Surfer maps in Google Earth so you can decide what works best to incorporate in your project workflows. Download the data and follow along! 

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Importing an aerial image from Google Earth
  • How to georeference an aerial image in a Base map
  • Overlaying multiple map types on an aerial image
  • Transforming KML data so it is Grid ready for Surfer
  • Exporting to Google Earth (KML/KMZ) - Displaying Surfer maps in Google Earth


Length 37:34

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