I installed the product and activated the license in the admin account, but I'm prompted for the PK when I log into my user account. Why?

For Surfer 15, Grapher 13 and Strater 5

The single user license structure limits each activation to the active user's computer account. Therefore, activating the software under the administrator account only gives the admin user access to the software.  If the administrator is not the intended user, please sign in to the end user's computer account prior to activating the license.  Alternatively, follow the steps in How do I (IT admin) install and activate the software for use on another user account? to enter the product key in the Windows Registry.

For Grapher 14 Preview

For these newer releases, you can activate a product key from any user account and all other users on that computer will also be activated.


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Updated October 9, 2018

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