Surfer Webinar: New Features and Workflows of Surfer v14

Many of Surfer's new features are focused on workflow improvements which result in significant time savings. These features are beneficial for both new and long-time Surfer users. 

This webinar recording will dive into the the following topics:  

  1. User Interface
    1. How to customize the ribbon 4:16
  2. Map Wizard 12:54
  3. Georeferencing an Image 18:41
  4. Tools for Editing Grids and Contours 26:56
  5. New Workflows Blanking a Grid 36:00
  6. New Workflows Calculating Volumes Inside a Polygon 39:00
  7. New Workflows Creating a Cross Section 42:22
  8. Interactively Set Map Limits 46:02
  9. Automatically Convert Coordinate System of Grid File 47:37
  10. Create a Grid File from SHP/DXF File 48:29

Length: 52:19


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