How Can I Rearrange Or Add My Own Colors To The Symbol/Line Color Presets Drop Down Menu In MapViewer?

The MapViewer Colors drop down menu lists a number of predefined colors for you to choose from easily.  There is not a way in the user interface to change the order of the items in this list, or to add your own colors.  However, you can do this manually.

All the predefined colors in the Colors drop down menu are saved in the Colors.ini file, located C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Golden Software\MapViewer <version>.

To rearrange the presets in the drop down menu:

  1. Open the Colors.ini file in a text editor, like Notepad.
  2. Select all the line(s) of data for the color(s) that you want to move. For example, the example below selects the predefined blue variations:
  3. Click Edit | Cut.
  4. Place your cursor in the location you want that colormap to be.
  5. Click Edit | Paste to paste in the information.
  6. Click File | Save and resave the file.
  7. Restart MapViewer and the presets will be in the new order.

To add a new preset:

  1. Open the Colors.ini file in a text editor, like Notepad.
  2. Put your cursor in the location you want the new color to be in the Colors drop down menu.
  3. Enter the color information. This includes the color name followed by = and the RGBA values for the desired color.
  4. Click File | Save and resave the Colors.ini file.
  5. Restart MapViewer and the new preset will be included in the drop down menu.

Updated March 17, 2017


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