Classifying points based on text data

Classifying points based on text values (and showing this data in the legend) is possible in Surfer using base symbology. For example, classify symbols by attributes such as drilling method, well type, status codes, tree species, company name, etc.

To use a text data field to specify the symbol to use, load the data as a base map and apply the Unique Values symbology to the base layer. It is very fast and simple to set specific symbols for each type of data point.

 Exact steps are:

  1. Click Home | New Map | Base | Base from Data
  2. Select the data file with your XY point locations and text keyword and click Open.
  3. Choose the import parameters in the Base from XY Data dialog and click OK.
  4. Select the Base layer in the Contents window, and in the Properties window click the Edit Symbology button.
  5. In the Symbology dialog:
    1. Select Unique Values.
    2. Set the Attribute field to the data column containing the text descriptor.
    3. Click the Add All button (the far left button in the unique values toolbar).
    4. Click on each symbol in the table and edit the properties for that symbol in the properties area.
  6. Click OK when finished to apply the symbol properties for each of the symbols that have the specified type data. 
  7. Create a legend by selecting the map and clicking Map Tools | Add to Map | Legend. You may want to select the legend and edit the template for the layer to read \symbol \value to remove the line and fill properties from the legend entries.



Updated November 12, 2018


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