Why is it showing one of our concurrent license seats as in-use when the user is not using it?

If you open the License Administrator on your license server and see that a seat is in-use, but the user is not currently using the software, it's likely that the user checked the license out. Since commuting a license is intended for times when the user will not be in contact with the server, such as when they're in the field, the seat will show as in-use until the user checks it back in.


To see if a license is commuted:

  1. Open the License Administrator.
  2. Click on the Status tab.
  3. Select a license in the License status table.
  4. If the license is commuted, it will show a 1 in the In Use column for the Commuter row.
  5. Additionally, the expiration date shown in the License Seat Usage table will be a date in the future instead of the current date.


If the license is commuted, the end user will need to log into their machine, open Surfer, and do the following to check the seat back in:

  1. Click the File | License Info command.
  2. In the License Information dialog, click Check In License.


Now you can click the Refresh button on the Status page of the License Administrator and you will see the seat has become available once again.


Updated March 27, 2018

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