Surfer webinar: Processing LiDAR data in Surfer


The popularity of LiDAR is on the rise. This remote sensing method allows scientists and mapping professionals to examine natural and manmade environments with accuracy, precision and flexibility.

The latest release of Surfer includes many new features that make it easy to process and visualize LiDAR data. This free webinar will show you how to import, combine, filter, manipulate, visualize, and export LAS/LAZ data.

You will also experience the power of Surfer's new 3D viewer when you visualize the LAS/LAZ data as a 3D point cloud layer. View the data from all angles as you fly through, record, and take snapshots of the point cloud from any perspective.


  1. What is LiDAR? 2:39
  2. Creating Point Cloud maps in Surfer 9:14
  3. Filtering LAS/LAZ data 14:01
  4. Gridding LiDAR data 19:19
  5. Building a multi-component LiDAR model (example) 25:39

Length: 1:03:42

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