Why is the Activation tab grayed out in the License Administrator?

If the Activation tab is grayed out, this could mean a few things: 

  • You are running an older version (1.0) of the License Administrator.  Download and install the latest License Administrator from the Golden Software download page.

  • The Sentinel RMS License Manager is not installed or the service is not running.  Note that the License Manager is a separate program from the License Administrator.  Open the Services management console in Windows. Confirm that the service Sentinel RMS License Manager is running.  If it is stopped, try restarting the service.  If you do not see the Sentinel RMS License Manager, download and install it from the Golden Software download page.

  • You are running the License Administrator on a different computer than where the Sentinel RMS License Manager is running.  From the Settings tab, change the license server setting.  You can enter the servers name, IP address, or search for it if it is on the local network.

  • The Sentinel RMS License Manager was not installed successfully. To correct this, navigate to the Windows Control Panel and verify Sentinel RMS License Manager is present in the installed programs list.  If present, try repairing the installation to see if this resolves the behavior.  If Sentinel RMS License Manager is not listed, follow the instructions in this article to download and install the software.

If the items above do not fix the problem, you can use the instructions here to proceed with an offline activation, so you can get the program up and running. 


Updated November 6, 2018

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