Surfer Webinar: New Features in Surfer 15 - 3D Viewer, LiDAR Point Cloud, Base Symbology


Many of Surfer's new features are focused on modern and effective data visualization. These features will benefit both the seasoned professional as well as the occasional user: 

This webinar covers Surfer 15's major new features:

  • 3D Viewer - Explore all angles of your map with the new 3D viewer. Walk, fly through, record, and take snapshots of the surface from any perspective. (1:18)
  • Point Cloud maps - Create point cloud layers from your LiDAR data. Numerous features make it easy to import, combine, filter, visualize, and export LAS/LAZ data. (16:35)
  • Thematic mapping - Symbology applies drawing properties to objects in your base map based on values in the attribute fields. Surfer symbology types include unique values, unclassed/classed colors, and unclassed/classed symbols. (24:53)

Length: 39:20

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