Surfer 14 Version History

Official version history and changelog information for Surfer 14. 

Surfer 14.3.691 (June 27, 2017)

  • Internal error occurred in TrGraphics when importing some KML files
  • When opening a 3D DXF file in the worksheet, the Z values were not imported correctly
  • Internal error occurred in XlsImportFilter when reloading an XLS file that was changed
  • An error occurred when loading ASC files with a bad line in the file header (yMin >= yMax)
  • The lines in some KML files were imported as invisible
  • Windows stock fill patterns appeared solid when exported to a high resolution image
  • DXF import did not read the font colors properly
  • TIF import did not recognize a grid TIF as a grid
  • In the Download Online Maps dialog, an error occurred when trying to display the info for some WMS servers
  • A crash occurred when adding a base layer (mfc140u.dll)
  • Changing the blanked line width for a contour map using the up/down buttons caused bad contour fill and a crash
  • A crash occurred when trying to load grids with unidentifiable file names (mfc140u.dll)
  • Points to Polyline sometimes flipped the line upside down
  • A crash occurred when exporting to a very large JPG
  • Grids | Edit | Assign Coordinate System should not have had the Download button in the Open Grid dialog

Surfer 14.2.661 (April 25, 2017)

  • Surfer crashed after adding a layer and getting warning about it exceeding the map limits
  • An error occurred when changing a layer's coordinate system and then clicking Undo
  • If a new layer was added to the map, existing profiles reverted to default properties
  • Hotkey combinations for File Export, File Exit and File Online were updated
  • The "Assign Now" function for a map's coordinate system was not undoable
  • Automation: Export to a vector format: filter options such as page scaling were not remembered
  • Surfer couldn't open due to a custom system locale on the computer
  • A number of licensing issues have been fixed

Surfer 14.1.624 (March 16, 2017)

  • BNA Import: files with large polylines took a long time to import
  • SHP Export: ZLEVEL for contours was formatted with 0 decimal places
  • Download Online Maps/Grids: could not validate server when system decimal symbol was comma
  • Assign Coordinate System: Australia GDA94 was recognized as NAD83 when selected from Favorites list
  • ACCDB and MDB Import: import data generated 'Syntax error in query' error
  • GPX Import: Surfer would fail to import files with Unicode names
  • GPX Import: Surfer would silently to import files that were parsed incorrectly instead of generating an error
  • GML Import: files with bad encoding failed to import
  • Paste Special as broken-apart EMF file resulted in upside down images
  • NetCDF grid filter did not include the GRD file extension
  • DXF Import: some DXF files generated an error upon import 'Incomplete point entity in import file'
  • Download Online Maps/Grids (WCS): allows the user to pick the protocol version to use for a server, if the server doesn't provide this information or provides incorrect information
  • Surfer crashed when setting or changing the coordinate system 
  • Automation: LoadFile requires .LevelMethod to load LVL
  • Recurring error when Undo a coordinate system change ('Can't transform coordinates because the coordinate system types are mismatched')
  • Point Sample: when using an input grid from project, the bottom-most grid was always used regardless of which was selected
  • Surfer crashed sometimes when saving an SRF file
  • The option to keep the scale and limits was not always displayed when maps were overlaid
  • Automation: .Height property changes the top position
  • Graticule: Lat/Long values didn't update after changing post layer columns
  • 1-Grid Vector Map: couldn't set Maximum=Minimum on the Scaling property page
  • Internal Error occurred when changing 2-grid vector layer properties
  • Saving grid to NetCDF format with GRD extension thinks it is ESRI ASC
  • Automation: Internal Error when cancel a save
  • Internal Error making shaded relief map from a grid with dimensions of 100x2
  • Base Map from Data and Post Map: can't use unsaved open worksheet data
  • Point Sample: "Grid Value" header was being entered as Z for blanked node
  • Grid from Contours: Contour source cannot contain self-intersecting polylines or polylines with coincident vertices

Surfer 14.0.599 (February 8, 2017)

  • First released version of Surfer 14
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