Use gradient to color contour lines

You can use the Advanced Level method to give the contour lines gradational coloring. Please see the steps below. 

  1. In the Contents window, click the Contours layer.
  2. In the Properties window, click the Levels tab.
  3. Set the Level method to Advanced.
  4. Click Edit Levels.
  5. In the Levels for Map dialog:
    1. Click the Line column header.
    2. In the Line dialog, set Properties to Gradational.
    3. Click the colormap next to Color.
    4. In the Colormap dialog, use a Preset, or change the colormap to create the gradient color scale.
    5. Click OK in the Colormap dialog.
    6. Click OK in the Line dialog.
  6. Click OK in the Levels for Map dialog.

Setting Contours to Gradient colors in Surfer.png


Updated October 20, 2021

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