What's New in Grapher 13?

There are many very exciting new features in Grapher 13!  We focused on increasing usability, improving workflows to increase time savings, and including the most popular new features requested. The top new features are listed below.  A more complete list of the new features can be found by clicking the ? button in the upper right corner of the program to open the Help. On the Contents page in the Help, navigate to Grapher 13 | Introduction | New Features.


1. Piper Plots (Trilinear Diagrams)

Display your rock, soil, or water chemistry data in a fully-customizable, easy-to-use and professional new map type! Shared properties allow you to quickly and easily update things like the symbol being displayed and have those changes propagate through all of the component plots. View your data as a simple piper plot, or add complexity by grouping your data into classes.


2. Improved Graph Wizard

Quickly and easily create a single- or multi-plot graph with pleasing defaults.  Whether you're an old-hand at Grapher or using it for the first time, the new and improved Graph Wizard allows you to preview and select the right data file, select the desired plot while customizing what portion of the data to use, and select a few nice-looking properties without being bogged down in all of the available options.


3. Redesigned User Interface

In the past, our technical support agents have been contacted to ask how to perform certain tasks, or to request functionality that already exists. This showed us that aspects of Grapher were not intuitive, or were difficult to figure out. Taking that feedback into account, we've redesigned the entire Grapher user interface, from the manager sizes and placement to the command locations. The aim of this improvement is to save our users time and frustration.

Some user interface redesigns:

  • The Worksheet Manager and Script Manager are now docked on the right side of the window rather than the bottom, to optimize work space.
  • The Ribbon bar has been redesigned to group like commands and move commonly-used commands to the Home tab.
  • The Property Manager tabs and commands have all been rearranged to group like commands and make it more intuitive to perform workflows like adding date/time labels to axes.
  • The Property Manager and Object Manager have been made wider by default to make it easier to see the full command names.


4. Fit Curve Improvements

Model your data more accurately with new LOESS and RMA fit curves. View the original plot name in the Property Manager for the fit curve. Additionally, gain more insight into all fit curves with new fit curve statistics: p value, Pearson's R, and standard error of coefficients. 





5. Apply a colormap to pie/doughnut plot slices and multi-line graphs

Apply a colormap across pie chart slices in order to quickly and easily set pleasing fill colors for all slices. Additionally, choose a default colormap to use when creating multiple line plots in a single graph, in order to immediately tell the plots apart.  


6. Improved speed!

Let your computer do the heavy lifting!

  • Gridding is now multithreaded and can take advantage of more memory on your computer. Gridding data is up to 5x faster with most methods! 
  • Importing large image files is now much faster with improvements made to memory management.  
  • Faster opening of files with many linked worksheets 
  • Improved speed when loading large DAT files


7. Customize text

Customize even more about your text with Text Editor improvements:

  • Word wrap
  • CTRL+TAB to tab over
  • Superscript/subscript sizing relative to preceding text
  • /sp and /rp MathText


8. Easier data editing

Edit your data confidently with various worksheet improvements:

  • Transform data use ^ for 'raised to the power of'
  • Deselect rows or columns with CTRL+click
  • Double click to fit column width to entries
  • Transform data use IF statement directly from Function list


9. Import:

  • PDF as vector
  • MapInfo TAB/MAP vector format
  • DGN (v7)
  • GeoJSON
  • S-57
  • IDRISI  VCT Binary Vector format


10. Other Improvements:

  • Place objects exactly where you want on the page with improved page units precision.
  • Create professional-looking graphic more easily than ever by taking advantage of the improved defaults and new colormaps.
  • Search for commands and help content right from the ribbon bar!
  • Display and edit text and text properties directly in the Property Manager without having to enter the Text Editor.
  • Create classed maps with single value (discrete) numeric classes or with text classes that contain some numeric values.
  • Style lines with new complex line styles.
  • Remember to save unsaved data files as you're closing a GRF project, with a helpful reminder pop-up dialog.
  • Zoom in farther than ever before!
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