How can I post my MapViewer pins on the moved AK and HI from the US boundary files?

The US50Alb.gsb and US50LL.gsb boundary files from the Golden Software website move Alaska and Hawaii closer to the continental U.S. for visual reasons, but if you're plotting a pin map with points in Alaska or Hawaii, they show up in the original state location. To work around this, when MapViewer 8 was released, we released an updated CityState.csv file that contains alternate locations for each of the Alaska and Hawaii points. That updated CSV file is attached. To use this:

  1. Download the attached CSV file.
  2. Copy/paste it into the MapViewer <version number> directory.
  3. Click Yes to replace the existing file with this new one.


Now just add an "_2" to the end of the city names for your Alaska/Hawaii cities (i.e. Anchorage becomes Anchorage_2) and they will plot in the appropriate location. You can easily do this with a Transform. To do so:

  1. Click File | Open.
  2. Choose your data file and click Open.
  3. Highlight the column containing your city or state values.
  4. Click Data | Data | Transform.
  5. In the Transform dialog,
    1. Enter a Transform equation like the following, where C is an empty column to write the new city values to (pink below), A is the current city column (green below), and B is the current state column (yellow below): C=If(B="AK",A+"_2",If(B="HI",A+"_2",A))
    2. Change the Text cells dropdown list to Are treated as text.
    3. Click OK to write the new values to the designated column.

When setting the City and State columns for your pin map, use this new column (C in my example) for the city instead of the old city column.


Updated February 8, 2017

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