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  • Loic Piret
    Loic Piret


    I have several post maps on one map. I'm working with surfer 13.2.438 . I can't seem to locate any button that says "map tools". How do I add a legend for all my post maps in this surfer version.

    Thank you,



  • Katie Yoder
    Katie Yoder

    Hi Loic,

    Top level legends for multiple map layers are a new feature in Surfer 14.  Surfer 13 does not support legends for post map layers.  It is possible to add a legend for classed post maps in Surfer 13 but each layer would have a separate legend.  Alternatively, a legend can be created using the drawing tools, but it would not be linked to the map data.

    If you'd like to test this new feature in Surfer 14, the two week free trial is fully functional and can be installed side by side with Surfer 13.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



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