I create a base layer symbology for Unique Values. How do I change the properties (e.g. the symbol size or fill pattern) for all the rows at once?

You can edit the Base Symbology for multiple objects within a Base(vector) layer by using the steps below:


  1. Select your Base(vector) layer in the Contents window.
  2. In the Properties window, select the General tab.
  3. Click the Edit Symbology button. The Symbology dialog opens.
  4. Assign Unique Values using your preferred Attribute field. More detail on how to do this is available in this article: How can I color code objects in my base layer by attribute value?
  5. Hold CTRL and click to select multiple entries that you wish to modify as a group. Selected lines will be highlighted in blue.
  6. If you wish to select all the entries, hold SHIFT and click the first and last line items.
  7. symbology_table.png
  8. In the right hand pane, you can now edit the properties such as Foreground color and Pattern of the selected items.
  9. Click OK when finished.


 Updated November 12, 2018

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