Enter the exact height when walking on a surface in Surfer's 3D View

When in walk mode in Surfer's 3D View, you can use the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the height above the surface. You can also hold the mouse wheel or center button down and drag the mouse forward/backwards to move up or down.

If you want to view the perspective from an exact value above the surface, follow the steps below:

  1. In the 3D View Contents window, click on Environment.
  2. In the Properties window, click the Camera tab.
  3. Expand the Position header, if necessary.
  4. Enter the elevation you want as the Z Position (in elevation units). For example, if you want the camera to be at 800 meters, enter 800 for the Z Position field.

Note: this also applies to Trackball mode. If you want to view the surface from an exact location or height, simply enter the X, Y and Z coordinates of the position you want the camera to be in, for the camera's Position.


Updated November, 2021

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