How can I set my well paths to all be different colors in Voxler?

Voxler does not currently support setting a color to individual wells in the WellRender modle.  If you would like to add your vote to our suggestion file for the ability to color well paths individually, please let us know.  In the meantime, the workflow below can be used to achieve wells with different colors.  The example below uses the Anti Collision Example (WellRender).voxb sample file.

  1. Open the sample file Anti Collision Example (WellRender).voxb.
  2. Click File | Import.
  3. Select the attached Colors.xlsx file and click Open.
  4. With Colors.xlsx-Sheet 1 selected in the Network Manager, in the Property Manager change the Output type to Wells.
  5. Change the Sheet type to From/To Logs.
  6. Set the Well Name (ID) to Column A: Well ID, set From to Column B: From, and set To to Column C: To.
  7. Increase the Log columns to 1 and then set Log-1 to Column D: Value.
  8. Right click on Colors.xlsx-Sheet 1 in the Network Manager and click Connect Output Data.
  9. A blue line connects your mouse to the output arrow of Colors.xlsx-Sheet 1. Click on the input arrow for the WellData module to connect the two modules (the line should turn yellow when your mouse is over that input arrow).
  10. Click on Connect Input worksheet B (not connected) in the popup.
  11. Click on the WellRender module.
  12. On the Interval Data page in the Property Manager, check the box next to Show intervals.
  13. Change the Data source to From/To values, and the Interval log to Column D: Value.
  14. Change the Color method to By log and set the Color log to Column D: Value
  15. If desired, change the Colormap to something easier to see, like ChromaDepth.



Updated March 1, 2018

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