How can I edit the labels in the legend for a classed post map in Surfer?

To edit the labels in the legend for a classed post map:

  1. Select the legend.
  2. Click on the Layers tab in the Properties window.
  3. If you have more than one layer in your legend, choose your classed post map from the Layer to edit list in the Layers in Legend section.
  4. In the Classed Post Layer section, delete the entries in the Template field and type in your desired text. Normal text and math text instructions can be included within the template, in addition to the following special classed post map legend template directives:

    \name class name
    \symbol symbol sample
    \lower lower class limit
    \upper upper class limit

    tab (defined as 0.25 inches)

    So, for example, if you wanted to show the symbol then "Class:" and the class name, you would enter the following into the Template field: \symbol Class: \name.
  5. Press ENTER on your keyboard and the legend will update.

Classed Post map and legend

Classed Post map and legend with the Template field set to \symbol   Class: \name.


Updated October 30, 2018

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