How can I add a WMS, OSM, WFS, or WCS server in Surfer?

To add a server for use in creating a base map or grid-based map from a server,

  1. Right-click over a major category in the Download Online Maps or Download Online Grids dialog (e.g. US Imagery, US Vector Data, Terrain Data, etc.) and click Add Map Source.
  2. In the Add Map Source dialog,
    1. Enter a Name for the server. This can be whatever will help you determine what information it contains.
    2. Choose a server type from the Type list.
    3. Enter the server's URL.
    4. Click Validate.
    5. As long as the initial test is a success, click OK and the server is added to the chosen category in the Select Data Source list. It the initial test failed, you will need to enter a valid URL for the selected server type, or click Cancel


Updated November 12, 2018

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