Add a WMS, OSM, WFS, or WCS server to Surfer

Online data sources such as WMS, OSM, WFS, and WCS servers are valuable tools in a map makers arsenal. 

Surfer comes with a select few of the thousands of available servers predefined.  You can also browse through our Web services KB for other server options.

To add a server to this list in Surfer, for use in creating a base map or grid-based map from a server, follow the instructions below

How to add a new WMS, OSM, WFS, or WCS server to Surfer

  1. Click Home | New Map | Base from Server to open the Download online Maps dialog, OR
    Click Grid | New Grid | Grid from Server to open the Download Online Grids dialog.
  2. Right-click a major category (e.g. US Geologic maps, US Imagery, US Vector Data, etc.) and click Add Map Source.
  3. In the Add Map Source dialog,
    1. Enter a Name for the server. This can be anything that will help you determine what information it contains.
    2. Choose a server type from the Type list.
    3. Enter the server's URL.
    4. Click Validate.
    5. If the initial test is a success, click OK and the server is added to the chosen category in the Select Data Source list.
      If the initial test fails, you will need to locate a valid URL for the selected server type, or click Cancel


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  • How to do this using automation?

  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for contacting Golden Software! It's not currently possible to call the Base from Server function via Automation. I've added votes to our suggestion file for these features, however. We will reach out and let you know if they are implemented in a future version of the software. 

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance!

    Drew Dudley
    Account Manager / Technical Support


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