How do I walk on top of a surface?

You can walk over a surface by following the steps below:

  1. In a 2D Plot window, open a GRD file that you wish to walk over as a contour, color relief, 3D surface, or 3D wireframe map.
  2. Click Map Tools | View | 3D View.
  3. Click 3D View | View | Walk.
  4. Move your mouse cursor to the Plot window.  A directional arrow cursor indicates that you are in Walk mode.
    • Scrolling the mouse wheel will move the view up and down in a vertical orientation.
    • Click and hold the mouse to begin walking. The view will move along the surface in the direction of the mouse cursor.
    • Pulling the mouse to the bottom of the 3D View window will move the view backwards along the surface.


Updated October 18, 2018

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