Can I download DEM or elevation data from within Surfer?

Yes, you can download grid data like DEMs or elevation data from within Surfer. To do so:

  1. Click the Home | New Map command for the grid-based map type you wish to create (eg. Home | New Map | Contour).
  2. In the Open Grid dialog, click the Download button to open the Download Online Grids dialog.

  1. Either select a layer from one of the servers in the Terrain Data category, or load your own WCS server using the instructions here.

    Note: You can select an image from a WMS or OSM server, but it will not contain relevant z information, so it is not recommended.

    Note: If you select a vector layer from a WFS server, you will see this message in the Select Grid Resolution to Download section:

If you miss this message, when you click OK you will see this error:

  1. Choose the area to download from the Select Area to Download section.
  2. If allowed, chose a resolution from the Select Grid Resolution to Download section.
  3. Click OK to download the grid and create the grid-based map.


Updated November 12, 2018

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